Digital Youth Work

A Guide to Delivering Digital Youth Work

This guide was developed by UK Youth as a response to COVID-19 to support the delivery of high quality digital youth work, not only for the changing conditions but the future of youth work.

Covid-19 and Early Intervention Evidence, Challenges and Risks relating to Virtual and Digital Delivery

A report by the Early Intervention Foundation detailing the impacts and disruptions of COVID-19 on the face-to-face delivery of services.


Digital tools, Spaces and Places - Mediators of Youth Work Practice

Written by CAYWA Founder Director and Treasurer, Jane Melvin. It focuses on issues that affect young people, highlighting the digital world and social media.

Digital Youth Work – A Finnish Perspective

This paper is a collaboration from 32 participants on the effects technology has had on youth work practice by Verke, Finland.

NACCW Virtual Connection Initiative

Connecting child and youth care workers, mentors and programme staff to children through WhatsApp, texts and phone calls in five provinces of South Africa. This includes the data report.

Outsmarting COVID-19 - Virtual Connections Transform Child and Youth Care Work in South Africa

Written by Greer van Zyl, it is an informative resource on Child and youth care workers embracing mobile phone technology to stay in touch with those in need.

Online Hangout on Tools for Working with Young People Online

Mr Moxon hosted an online hangout as away of providing support for youth workers during COVID-19, youth workers were given space to share their experiences of digital youth work.

The video and padlet are highly insightful and show ways of connecting to young people through the digital medium. Mr Moxon is a well-respected trainer throughout the professional youth work community and these resources are relevant to the current impact on youth work throughout the world.

Podcast: Every Youth Matters by Dr John Tan

Dr Tan is the CAYWA Vice-Chairperson and runs a regular podcast where he shares tips, tools and ways to connect with young people. 

Smart and Digital Youth Work Resources: Where to Find More

This is a set of resources by Coyote Magazine which are tools for navigating digital youth work including: publications, training materials, good practices, policy frameworks, digital resources, relevant organisations, handbooks, videos, webinars and podcasts on digital youth work. It was updated for the COVID-19 global pandemic.

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