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Working Together


Governance: Team Members

Robyn Broadbent



Robyn Broadbent is an academic, community researcher, community activist and a committed advocate for the human rights of young people. She is the current Program Head of Youth and Community Programs Programs at Victoria University.

Robyn wrote the Youth Work programs at Victoria University, and has taught and managed the program for the past twenty years. Robyn has also been active in the establishment of the Youth Workers Association and continues to sit on the Board. She is currently the Chair of the Commonwealth Alliance of Youth Work Associations.

Along with her academic roles, Robyn has worked in local, state, national and international youth affairs. She has sat on the expert panel that oversaw the development of a global Youth Development Index for the Commonwealth Youth Program, which she presented at the 8th Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting. Robyn has worked with the Commonwealth Youth Program in a variety of roles for the past 10 years. In 2016, Robyn assisted in the development of the first Australian Youth Development Index.

Robyn provides advice and mentoring to youth workers in a range of settings and is well known for her collection of youth consultancy work. She has worked with the Victorian Trades Hall Council, and was instrumental in establishing the Visy Cares Hub.

Robyn is proud that her professional grounding was as a youth worker in the western suburbs of Melbourne and continues to be committed to the region to ensure that all young people have access to the full benefits of a wealthy society

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