• 5th Space Ki Vidhi - Recipe of making friends:
    The recent commotion around the idea of identity and the attempt to compartmentalize oneself in staunch beliefs, forces us to question the norms of the society we live in. Alfa Educational Society in Rajasthan has gone beyond all such boundaries of caste & creed by creating an all-inclusive space, a 5th Space in their community, setting an example of communal harmony for all of us.

  • Ocean in a Drop:
    How do you design an intervention to get a young person interested in 'heavy' social issues? How do you walk the thin line between stirring the fish and letting it cook? Watch how facilitators take a deep dive into this ocean of you(th), and see what they discover.

  • SMILE: Changing the world within:
    We want to change the world, but to what? Is it the world that needs to change or is it us?The SMILE Program established in 1986, a true model of 5th space has been actively advocating its principles, creating leaders who undergo a journey to find themselves and their space in the society. When you develop yourself, social development is just one of the many perks.

  • 18 Until I Die:
    The movie uses satirical animation to mount a strong critique against the current scenario of political ignorance in the youth which is encouraged by the elders. Weaving it through the thread of the ‘5th space’ idea, it attempts to make politics comprehensible as a 5th space - one that we co-own, co-lead, and co-design. The film takes fun seriously, and does so very sincerely, sending out a crucial message that fun and creativity are not enemies with seriousness. It re-appropriates the oft-heard rhetoric that ‘the youth is useless’ to scathingly assert that we are, in fact and effect, ‘used-less’. Are we also ‘using ourselves less’? Merits a watch and thought.

  • Changelooms With.in:
    The Changelooms With.In programme was launched in partnership with UK government’s Department for International Development’s initiative Poorest Area Civil Society (PACS) programme and was a first-of-its-kind 10 months leadership journey with 100 passionate young changeloomers leading social action initiatives that address social inclusion in 6 states, including Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Delhi NCR. 

  • Youth Taking Charge - A Changelooms Learning Leadership Journey Film:
    A Changelooms Learning Leadership Journey.

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