• Professor Robyn Broadbent Chair CAYWA

Malta, Here We Come!!!

We are all excited as the third Commonwealth conference gets closer. I am looking forward to seeing you all there. The program looks terrific with a diverse group from all over the globe. You will find more information on our website. Our newly developed website has reports and information from around the globe. It will be an excellent resource for the newly established Youth Work courses in the Commonwealth. These resources also include the youth think and policy tanks funded by the European Union SALTOS useful resources that can be used to support your work.

In this period, we have finished a strategic plan and started to build what I refer to as a “kit bag” for emerging Associations. This kit bag include CAYWA’s constitution, Code of Ethical Practice, Global definitions document, statement of values and an introduction paper to be used to contacting Governments.

We have also connected with a very exciting initiative of the Commonwealth Youth Program, which is the 16 Universities which are establishing Youth Work courses. The initiative will support 16 universities from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Europe to offer a low-cost, internationally recognised Commonwealth bachelor degree in youth development work. It is established by four partners: The Commonwealth Secretariat, the Commonwealth of Learning, the University of West Indies in Jamaica and YMCA George Williams College in the UK.

So I think it is fair to say it has been a very busy quarter. I look forward to seeing you in Malta.


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