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A Partnership Across the Ocean - Certificate Course in Youth Empowerment

We as CAYWA are delighted to share cross country collaborations among our member Associations that have not only energised our ecosystem but also brought to the fore outstanding resources that have been developed in different parts of the world by our members.

This is the outcome of one such exciting collaboration in Asia that can contribute to the youth work field in other parts of the world as well. ComMutiny - The Youth Collective, is an Association of some of the best youth work organisations in India. Inspired by the exposure and opportunities offered by the Commonwealth Secretariat, ComMutiny came in contact with the upcoming Professional Youth Workers Association of Sri Lanka (PYWA) and was invited by PYWA to build the capacity of the Association.

PYWA felt that what it needed most to begin with was a professional youth workers course that could strengthen not only their member youth workers but could build the foundation for developing large number of youth workers in the country. As good fortune would have it, ComMutiny had a strong collaboration with Pravah, a very well-known Indian youth-engaging organization which has designed and is running a powerful learning journey called ‘Ocean in a Drop’ (OID).

This journey has been responsible for building top class professional capacities of thousands of youth workers across a wide variety of contexts in India. Thus between PYWA, ComMutiny, Pravah and the Commonwealth Secretariat, a new partnership was born. The training manual – ‘Ocean In a Drop – Sri Lanka’ was an outcome of a year-long process, where senior members of all the organizations worked together to run a perspective-building workshop, and several consultations with stakeholders to assess youth workers’ needs in Sri Lanka, review the existing ‘Ocean in a Drop’ curriculum and modify it to the Sri Lankan context by designing new sessions.

The manual was piloted with 20 master trainers and technical staff associated with PYWA, and got a tremendous response. Subsequently, in order to mainstream OID to institutions, particularly Sri Lanka’s National Youth Services Council, a workshop was facilitated jointly by PYWA, Commonwealth Secretariat and ComMutiny the Youth Collective in Colombo, with over 50 NYSC officials representing all the provinces in Sri Lanka. OID has also been modified into a certificate course, and is a joint effort of the NYSC and the PYWA intended to produce competent youth workers on youth centric development in Sri Lanka.

The objective of the Course in Youth Empowerment is to build capacities of the Youth Services Officers (YSOs) at the National Youth Services Council in Sri Lanka. It has been designed according to National Vocational Qualification Frame Work in Sri Lanka and will make it recognized by the National Vocational Authority in the country The focus is on building their personal and professional competencies and enhancing the knowledge, attitudes and practices so that they are able to design and deliver youth centric programs by creating empowering spaces for young people.

Course in Youth Empowerment

The course includes 50 hours of residential training and 100 hours of supervised field practice.

The modules of the course are as follows:

Module 1 – Setting the context Getting to know each other, Pivotal Learning Experiences, Understanding Youth Centric Development, Understanding 5th Space, Role of a youth worker

Module 2 – Setting the agenda Aspiration building, Identifying the real causes for the performance challenge, Envisioning the plan, Understanding identity based discrimination, Anatomy of discrimination

Module 3 – Taking people along Applying the learning on performance challenge, Youth led research for change, Leadership styles, Inputs on session design, Understand learning styles, Facilitation skills

Module 4 – Doing it the right way Empathy and value clarification, Discovering 100% responsibility, Understanding my conflict mode, Developing Win-Win strategies, Building agreement

Module 5 – Closure and feedback Dealing with value dilemmas, Learning for life, Evaluation and feedback

ComMutiny-The Youth Collective, PYWA, Pravah and Commonwealth Secretariat are collaborating together to offer this course to other Commonwealth country Associations with customization support.

Those who are interested to know more, please get in touch with the following program partners:;;;;;


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