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Zambia's Process of Establishing ZYWA!

Check out below the process taken in Zambia to establish the ZYWA...

Zambia's Process of Establishing the ZYWA:

  1. Identifying the Champions: The people who believed in youth work professionalisation were identified first. These people were the ones championing the agenda of professionalising youth work in Zambia.

  2. Induction Training: The Champions were inducted in youth work profession and practice to enable them articulate and communicate the agenda for professionalisation of youth work. This was a five days intensive induction that equipped the Champions with the knowledge and skills in the nature of the youth work profession and youth work practice.

  3. Forming a Technical Working Group: The Technical Working Group composed of 6 people who were tasked to prepare and coordinate the first ever National Youth Workers Conference. These were the people who were liaison with the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development and Commonwealth Youth Center Regional Africa, drafting the Concept Note, Code of Ethics and Conduct, Constitution, Conference Programme, and fundraising for the Conference.

  4. Hosting the First National Youth Workers Conference: The First National Youth Workers Conference brought together youth workers in Zambia from government, NGOs and Church to deliberate on issues affecting youth workers in the country. The conference debated if it was necessary to establish a national association of youth workers, discuss the draft Code of Ethics and Conduct, and Constitution. At the end of the conference the youth workers resolved that the Zambia Youth Workers Association be formed to represent the youth workers voice and interest, including the youth work profession and practice. Therefore, the draft documents were adopted and Elections of the Executive Committee were held.

  5. Registration of ZYWA: The last step was to register ZYWA to the Registrar of Societies.

  6. Membership recruitment: Then it was time to go round the country to recruit the members.

  7. The association was collaborate with the National Youth Development Council.

  8. The association does not directly interact with the Youth Organisations as they are directly linked to the National Youth Development Council.

  9. We are an affiliate of the CAYWA.


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