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What has Covid-19 taught us about how to address inequality in our global community, and how can we use these learnings to move forward?

These days it seems there are so many problems that need fixing. Inequality, wellbeing issues, mental health challenges, hunger, violence, drug/alcohol abuse, unemployment, radicalization, homelessness, climate change… and then along came Covid-19! It is time for us as one race to move forward into a period of nurturing and providing mutual support for each other. Only then can we establish that people are not their problems.

The way we see ourselves and our world is the decisive factor in determining how we feel. If we begin to look through a ‘lens’ that sees ‘what is right' rather than focusing solely on ‘what is wrong, we begin to see that we possess the wisdom and capacity to solve our own challenges.

Welcome to Courage to Heal. We thank you for your interest and we hope you will read along to become wiser about us so we can become wiser about you!

What is Courage to Heal?

Courage to Heal is a collaborative initiative driving meaningful conversation around these challenges.

We invite you to join us to share your ideas in addressing our need to heal our communities.

Imagine how different the world could be, if we used the approach that we applied to fighting COVID for addressing inequality around the world? Courage to Heal will host a series of thought leadership debates to pull on the wisdom of our youth to heal their communities.

What is the purpose of Courage to Heal?

The purpose of Courage to Heal is to connect young people from all over the world and make them able to tell, explore, and discuss their inner concerns about the challenges that they face today.

Sign up:

Your voice needs to be heard. Participate in one of several monthly Courage to heal talks over Zoom. Courage to Heal intends to hold a wide range of online events, with different topics of conversation at each event.


The first conversation:

Young people and their communities are being hit by Covid-19, climate crisis and inequality all at the same time!

What common strengths do you see in our approach to fighting these?

Join the first conversation

25th of June at 5pm (GMT+1).

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