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Global Youth Development Index

By Emeritus Professor Robyn Broadbent - CAYWA Chair

The Commonwealth Youth Program recently released the 2020 Youth Development Index. This is the third Youth Development Index and is the only one of its kind that seeks to interrogate the progress of young people across the globe using key indicators such as health, employment and civic participation.

Overall, the index shows advances in youth’s participation in peace processes and their education, employment, inclusion and health care since 2010. It also provides a stark contrast to those young people in countries where their scores have gone backwards, evidencing a downward trend in their opportunities, health and well-being. It is also notable on this terrible day where Afghanistan has lost its way to a brutal, patriarchal regime that up until 2020, Afghanistan had made the largest progress in the key indicators lifting their score by 15%. The YDI will now stand as a testament to that history. Nevertheless, improvement in other countries is to be celebrated as this is all about young people.

See here for the YDI!

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