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International Youth Work Week - Nigerian Youth Workers' Association

As we lead up to International Youth Work Week 2021, CAYWA would like to showcase what is happening throughout the Commonwealth. The #ChampionsofYouthWork in Nigeria are busy providing the local community with the following events:

Day 1: Friday 5th November

CAYWA National Convention;

Day 2: Saturday 6th November

Road Walk/ Campaign

Members of the Association to embark on an hour Road Walk/ Campaign putting on uniform T-shirts and face caps on a major road in Abuja with the distribution of educational materials to some students from the local area;

Followed by...

A Press Conference/ Media Chat to promote Youth Work and activities of the Association!

Stay tuned to see what the Nigerian Youth Workers' Association (NYWA) has planned!!!

We look forward to updating you further on what else is happening in the Commonwealth this #IYWW.

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