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Invitation to Emerging Associations!

CAYWA is happy to announce the launch of a new mentoring program! CAYWA currently have 25 member Associations that are in various stages of development. CAYWA in collaboration with the Commonwealth Secretariat, are inviting emerging youth work associations in the Commonwealth to apply to be a part of our capacity building program!

This means that CAYWA is looking to mentor associations in the process of establishing Committees, Constitutions, Code of Ethics, relationships with the Government and building their membership. Our experience at CAYWA tells us that the process of build

ing capacity in each association varies from country to country. Therefore, this program seeks to provide assistance to directly support individual associations, according to their varying states of current status and goals for advancement.

The key objective of this program is for CAYWA to mentor the emerging associations, promoting capacity building to provide sustainable outcomes and evolution. This will be achieved by;

  • Providing consultation with a dedicated mentor of CAWYA, with 6 places for associations available within the program.

  • Successful applicants having access to a total sum of £5,000 for expenditure required to attain the predetermined program goals.

  • Participation in a one day conference in Youth Work Week

  • Continual support and mentorship from CAYWA board members.

Candidates will be chosen on their expressed interest and perceived ability to benefit, prosper and succeed from the mentoring and grant, which will be ascertained in the application process

Please see the form below to apply and email the completed form to

Applications must be submitted by 5.00 pm AEST Monday 24 May 2021.

CAYWA Capacity Building Grant Applicatio
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