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UPDATE: Capacity Building Grant

A letter from our Chair, Dr Robyn Broadbent...

Good afternoon,

We have had a number of new subscribers to our web and I would like to welcome you to the CAYWA family. We have also had considerable interest in our current grant round. I would just like to make it clear that the grant round is for emerging national Youth Worker Associations of which CAYWA currently has 25 registered organisations or those that have been working with us to build a national Youth Worker Association. The grant round is aimed at these organisations. You are not eligible if you are a Youth organisation as valuable as I am sure your work is in your country. I hope you find the resources on the web useful and we will try and continue to keep it up to date for your use.

Please take this opportunity to either familiarise your organisation with the national representatives or to begin a relationship with CAYWA to get to this stage for future opportunities.

Thank you,

Dr Robyn Broadbent

Chair of CAYWA

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