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World economic forum

Ashraf is a great friend of youth workers in the Commonwealth sitting on the board of the Commonwealth Alliance of Youth Worker Associations (CAYWA). Ashraf leads an outstanding organisation that works to empower young people in India. See below where you can be a part of a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum

Our work has shown that trusting young people by ensuring that they are part of key intergenerational decision making and dialogue spaces brings multiple viewing points to the table, inspires deep reflection and social action.”

Ashraf Patel, Co-founder, Pravah, ComMutiny - the Youth Collective and vartaLeap.

This year at the #DavosAgenda hosted by the World Economic Forum, multi-sectoral world leaders are coming together to reconnect, and exchange ideas and innovations to improve the state of the world.

What actions and solutions can leaders take to rebuild the trust needed to reimagine the ways we live? Join us for an awards ceremony reimagined to celebrate the 2022 Social Innovators of the Year, who are transforming the world through trust.

Catch Ashraf Patel and other #SchwabAwardees2022 LIVE in the session, “Transforming Through Trust” at 9:15 PM IST today evening!

LIVE link -

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting The Annual Meeting 2022 will embody the World Economic Forum’s philosophy of collaborative, multi-stakeholder impact, providing a unique collaborative environment in which to reconnect, share insights, gain fresh perspectives, and build problem-solving communities and initiatives.

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