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Mentoring Programme

In line with its mandate to support member Associations to effectively function, CAYWA through the Board, offers mentoring to individual Associations. 


With funding support from the Commonwealth Secretariat, CAYWA is able to strengthen and build the capacity of emerging associations in the youth worker space through the CAYWA Mentoring Programme to improve the capabilities and sustainability of youth work associations across the Commonwealth. 

Ocean in a Drop

In keeping with its continued commitment to provide relevant online capacity building training for

youth work practitioners during this pandemic, the Commonwealth Secretariat and CAYWA in

partnership with ComMutiny - the Youth Collective and Pravah is conducting a twelve-day online course dubbed ‘Ocean in a Drop: Developing Inside-Out Youth Leadership’ for youth workers/youth facilitators.


The course has been delivered over many years for the youth development professional, youth focused organisations and Change looms community with great feedback and impact. This latest version was an international version and open to youth work practitioners across the Commonwealth. The final cohort consisted of a total of 15 participants from across 8 different countries across the world. The course explores four core themes:

  • Youth Development, which allowed participants to develop, lead, and implement strategies for deepening their intervention(s) and their organization’s engagement with young people.

  • Design and Facilitation, which allowed participants to design and facilitate high impact interventions

  • Systems Thinking, which allowed participants to enhance organizational effectiveness by applying systems thinking to real-world challenges

  • Deep Self Awareness, which allowed participants to take a deep dive within themselves to understand who more about they are and their fears.

During the course, the participant:

  • Develop, lead, and implement strategies for deepening their intervention and your institutions’ (organisations/collectives/ associations) engagement with young people by processing real life challenges they are facing.

  • Design and facilitate high impact interventions using creative methodologies including cross-border exposures, self-exploratory psychological tools and stimulating experiences.

  • Enhance organizational effectiveness by applying systems thinking to their real-world challenge.

  • Delve into personal transformation.

  • Be mentored by and learn with experienced facilitators and participants in the field of youth leadership.


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